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Gemological reports

First, gemological preliminary examinations are carried out on the pieces of jewellery and gemstones by our experts and, if necessary, additionally certified by inter­national gemstone laboratories.

Libelle - Gemtrade AG
Libelle - Gemtrade AG

Re-cut of gemstones

We re-cut diamonds and colored gemstones if they are damaged. We also give you recommendations on how processing can increase the beauty and thus the value of a gemstone.

Advice on inheritance and donations

With an independent and fair assessment, we provide you with an initial overview of the available gemstones, pieces of jewellery and watches.

We determine for you the best sales channels and ways in which you can sell, give away or invest your valuables.

Phoenix - Gemtrade AG
Libelle - Gemtrade AG

Investment in jewelry and precious stones

If you would like to invest a certain part of your assets in jewellery or precious stones, we would be happy to advise you.


As experienced gemstone experts, we can look back on successful projects. This gives you the security that you too will benefit from this knowledge. Interesting lectures for your service club, your corporate customers, or your very personal event, allow you to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of precious stones.

Sapphire - Gemtrade AG

Modern diamond cuts

Modern diamond cuts - Gemtrade AG

Old diamond cuts

Before the discovery of the brilliant cut around 1910, most diamonds were cut in the so-called old-mine-cut. With the technology of the time and for an optimal use of material, most raw diamonds were cut close to an ochtahedron, the original eight-sided double pyramid form of the crystal. Most were in the shape of a pillow with the top being much higher and the round side much thicker than by the brilliant cut.

The culet was not crown-like, but instead a more or less large facette parallel to the pavilion. Old-mine-cut gemstones are less brilliant and appear a little darker than the modern brilliant, however the diamond’s strong surface shine is shown more to its advantage.

Old diamond cuts - Gemtrade AG

Gemological Knowledge Beads

Dive into the world of precious stones with us and let us fascinate you. Our many years of experience paired with scientific principles, supplemented international and cultural connections promise interesting insights and information about the world of precious stones.

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